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String Quartet

The most popular of the services offered because of its full sound, complete harmonies, wide repertoire, flexibility, portability and affordability.

Two violins, one viola, one ‘cello

Strolling Violin

Mobile musical moments; the violinist may sit, stand, walk among guests or tables, or room to room of the area to be entertained, playing mostly or completely from memory.

Other Services

Other services may be available.  For example, you may feel your event needs a soloist, like a vocalist or a trumpeter.  Please contact us to discuss special arrangements.


When you hire a Nouveaux Arts service consultation will be included.  We have a vested interest in making you look and sound good!  We want to obtain the information that is going to help us do your job well.  We also love referrals.  Help us serve you best by retaining our services early and booking an early discussion.

For an estimate, e-mail